Best-selling items from The Weeknd Collection’s official store

The Weeknd’s R&B music admirers are in luck! Get your new gear before it all ends up in the hands of someone else by checking out our list to learn what these best-selling things are!

In 2010, The Weeknd launched his career by posting a number of songs on YouTube and disseminating them on social media. The singer gained popularity for his deep, emotive lyrics and bass-heavy tunes. The Canadian superstar now has a store called The Weeknd Official Store, where fans can buy clothing, eyewear, posters, caps, jewelry, and more.

1. The Weeknd Cases – Cause I’m Heartless Lyric TPU Premium Soft Phone Case

Some of The Weeknd’s most popular products are included in his latest line of phone cases. The premium soft TPU phone case with the text “Cause I’m Heartless” from his song “Heartless” is the most often used case. In addition to being fashionable, this Weeknd phone cover guards against scratches and other harm to your phone. Other phone covers in the collection include the clear case bearing the cover art from the “Starboy” album and the “The Hills” emblem on a black matte case.


Please click on this link to get it if you want to liven up your wardrobe https://the-weeknd.store/shop/the-weeknd-cases-cause-im-heartless-iphone-soft-case-rb3006/

2. The Weeknd Posters – Weeknd’s Swag Blinding Lights Pose Poster Wall Decor

One of the most favored merch on The Weeknd Official Store is a wall decor poster featuring The Weeknd in the collection posture from the music video for “Blinding Lights.” The Weeknd is shown in the video sporting the same red and black suit that was seen on the billboard. Fans of TheWeeknd enjoy putting up posters of him in this well-known position in their houses. It is composed of high-quality paper and will survive very long. Any fan of The Weeknd must have this wall art poster.


Please click on this link to get it if you want to liven up your wardrobe https://the-weeknd.store/shop/the-weeknd-posters-collage-weeknds-swag-poster-rb3006/

3. The Weeknd Pillows – The Weeknd Super Star Portrait Throw Pillow

The soft pillow with the sketched-out portrait image is one of the additional best-selling goods on The Weeknd’s official store. The Weeknd pillow is composed of high-quality materials and is quite cozy to sleep on. It’s a terrific method to express your support for The Weeknd and his songs because of how realistic the image of him on the pillow is. Additionally, it makes a beautiful addition to your room’s decor.


Please click on this link to get it if you want to liven up your wardrobe https://the-weeknd.store/shop/the-weeknd-pillows-the-weeknd-throw-pillow-rb3006-3/ 

4. The Weeknd Hoodie – After Hours Album Printed Graphic Multicolor Pullover Hoodie

Fans adore the Weeknd-themed clothing, which has become quite popular since the release of The Weeknd’s most recent album, “After Hours.” The multicolored pullover hoodie with the After Hours album logo is the most well-liked item in the lineup. It’s a fashionable and cozy item that displays your devotion to The Weeknd.

The unisex pullover hoodie comes in a variety of sizes. The front of it has the record cover image, while the back is bare. The hoodie is machine washable and is composed of 100% cotton. It’s a wonderful way to show The Weeknd how much you care while keeping warm.


Please click on this link to get it if you want to liven up your wardrobe https://the-weeknd.store/shop/the-weeknd-hoodie-after-hours-album-print-unisex-hoodie/

5. The Weeknd T-Shirts – The Weeknd Blinding Lights Lyrics Classic Tee

One of the top-selling items on The Weeknd’s official store is his iconic t-shirt, which features the words of his popular song “Blinding Lights.” The white typeface used on the black round-neck shirt’s lyrics makes the text stand out and adds to its fashionable appeal. This shirt is a fantastic gift for any occasion, and The Weeknd supporters will adore wearing it to express their support for the musician.


Please click on this link to get it if you want to liven up your wardrobe https://the-weeknd.store/shop/the-weeknd-t-shirts-the-weeknd-classic-t-shirt-rb3006/ 

This post will touch the Weeknd lovers, so don’t hesitate to go out and purchase the necessary goods for your personal collection. If The Weeknd is your favorite artist, even if you aren’t a fan, you can still benefit from this post because it might make a present terrific idea for someone who is. To receive unique offers, however, check out our website frequently!

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