8 Facts About Rapper Travis Scott That You Should Know

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Travis Scott – a very successful rapper who has built his name himself in the music industry. To be Kylie Jenner’s “baby daddy”, his name became more popular. Having close relations to the Kardashian family is a sure-fire way to become famous, not to mention the bond he made with Kanye West through that relationship. On top of being very popular for his mixtapes and association with Kanye West’s GOOD Music label, Travis Scott has crafted himself as an incredibly dynamic performer and one of the most unique cultural figures in the public eye.

Here are 8 fun things that can help you know more about him…

1. He started playing instruments at the age of three

Travis began playing the drums at the tender age of three-years-old. He then moved on to learn the piano but gave it up once he realised it didn’t get him any girls. “I quit playing piano because it wasn’t getting no girls. I was making beats because the electronic sound was getting all the girls.”

2. Travis Scott has a familial relation with Kanye West

Everybody knows Kanye West as the man who began Travis Scott’s career, signing him to his GOOD Music label and subsequently changing his life. However, the two actually have a relationship that extends beyond friends. They are more like family, with Scott frequently referring to Kanye as his stepdad.

3. He dropped out of University to pursue a music career

Travis attended the University of Texas for two years before quitting. “I dropped out sophomore year,” he said in an interview. “Every day in college was depressing. I wanted to be an artist. I wanted to do this shit. I wanted to be on an album, I wanted to put out my own shit, I wanted to be on stage rapping at MTV, I wanted to have the best video of the year.”

4. He was estranged from his family

When Travis Scott dropped out of school to pursue his music dreams in New York City, he lied to his family and subsequently created a tense atmosphere. Not only did he ask them for money to help him with school only to blow it on moving to NYC, but he didn’t even tell them of his plans until much later. This caused a rift between him and his family, leading to them not allowing Scott to move back home once he began having trouble with his music career.

5. He was in a relationship with Rhianna

Kylie Jenner's baby daddy Travis Scott once 'dated Rihanna' and 'tried to keep it a secret'

One of the biggest controversies of Travis Scott’s career is that he dated Rhianna for a short period of time. The details of their time together are mostly unknown, but many outlets and newspapers have speculated about it.

6. He admires Kid Cudi

Travis Scott confirms a joint project with Kid Cudi is in the works - REVOLT

Travis has spoken openly about his admiration for rapper Kid Cudi in a number of interviews. “He is the ultimate,” he told complex. “He’s like one of the realest rappers alive. His music has an edge to it.” He also told MTV that he cried the first time he met Kid Cudi.

7. He comes from a musical family

Travis Scott's Dad Was A Drummer And Taught Him How To Play Drums At The Age Of 3 | DailyRapFacts

“My grandfather has his masters in music composition, he was a jazz composer,” Travis revealed in an interview. “My dad was a musician too, he played more like soul music. His dad was a drummer and he plays the piano. That’s where I get my whole music theory from, my pops and my grandfather.”

8. He does not like sour cream

Not only does Travis Scott dislike sour cream, but it is almost impossible for him to eat it. He has cited in interviews that eating sour cream is a good way for him to become incredibly nauseous.

We gave you 8 fun facts about rapper Travis Scott. Which one was your favorite? We hope you enjoy these interesting facts. If you want to read more about him, click here!

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